Our specialization is prospecting, our aim is new gold deposits.

Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) Ltd. was formed by a group of exploration geologists who have for many years provided consulting and contracting services around the world. Our team consists of specialists in different fields. This combination guaranties a complex approach to target generation and field data interpretation. Close affiliations with universities also allow us to benefit from the latest academic research.

We know that success of exploration is based on the informative regional target selection, aggressive field program and the network of experienced specialists.

Our strategy is to mitigate early stage exploration risk by quick, cost effective field work on a greater number of targets and to provide a pipeline of good quality drill targets for JV partners.

Our exploration methodologies are tailored to the local conditions, promoting quick and cost effective assessment of large areas.

Our complex of field work includes:

  •                  Geochemical survey– soil and till sampling
  •                  Geophysical survey – ground magnetic, induce polarization and resistivity surveys
  •                 Geological survey – geological mapping, boulders and outcrops sampling


2018 MEN presentation
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Our contacts

Our contacts

MEN Finland Ltd. 28 Fidlas Ave., Cardiff, UK CF14 0NY Phone: +44(0)2921250929 info@men-finland.com
Karelian Gold

Karelian Gold

Karelian Gold is an international gold exploration project conducted by MEN Finland Ltd. It includes 16 prospects located in Eastern Finland within Achaean greenstone belts Hattu–Ilomantsi, Kuhmo and Suomussalmi.