Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) Ltd.is UK-based private junior company formed in spring 2009 initially with the aim to carry out an intensive gold exploration in the territory of Fennoscandian shield.

For now our target countries are Finland, Norway, Sweden, Karelia (RF) and Spain.

In 2009 MEN Finland Ltd. started exploration in Finland. Finland is one of the best exploration targets in the world with geology similar to the leading gold producing areas. There are more than 200 known gold deposits and occurrences in Finland. The biggest known gold deposit (Kittilä Gold Mine) has more than 7 M oz of established reserves with more expected to be found.

In 2013 MEN Finland Ltd. extended exploration activity to another EU pro-mining country – Spain.

Both countries have good and easy accessible geological information, perfect infrastructure and government, actively supporting mineral exploration.

Exploration Network means the combination of experience of traditional geological school, enthusiasm of young geologists, modern technologies and academic science. We are open for any new ideas, suggestions and cooperation.  You are welcome!


2018 MEN presentation
To read more about MEN Finland Ltd. please download MEN_PDAC_2018  
Our contacts

Our contacts

MEN Finland Ltd. 28 Fidlas Ave., Cardiff, UK CF14 0NY Phone: +44(0)2921250929 info@men-finland.com
Karelian Gold

Karelian Gold

Karelian Gold is an international gold exploration project conducted by MEN Finland Ltd. It includes 16 prospects located in Eastern Finland within Achaean greenstone belts Hattu–Ilomantsi, Kuhmo and Suomussalmi.